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Meet five Torontonians who launched businesses during the pandemic

It is an honour to be included with a wonderful group of fellow Toronto start-ups, helping to solve problems and giving back to society. Thank you to Sarah Lycecki and NowToronto_May 9, 2020.

We've seen a lot advertising missing the mark when it comes to brands communicating with their audiences. COVID or no COVID, this is the problem we are working to solve.

Brands are looking at all options now including remote working, virtual offices and outsourced support. This is a moment for empathy and compassion globally. It is the best time to start forming relationships with both clients and customers alike as we enter into new phases of the pandemic.

We-ReL8 is a true scrappy start-up agency, all of us are current and previous entrepreneurs in technology, professional services and consumer goods industries. Everyone is a leader in the agency and contributes their own unique super-powers to the organization.

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