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Zoltan Lorantffy
Plant-based, traveller, artist, brand marketer, focused dreamer

Green Marketing

Our mission: Cultivating vibrant, eco-friendly, and plant-centric enterprises dedicated to making a positive difference on our planet.


United by our passion for embracing a plant-based and sustainable lifestyle, we are committed to propelling your movement forward.


Together, let's build a brighter future. 


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Colombe Nadeau-O'Shea
Vegan, artist, traveler, fundraiser, passionate activist


We Grow Green Programs


Together Let's Grow Your Movement

Green Juices



Harnessing over a decade of expertise in crafting impactful fundraising strategies, executing asset creation, and beyond, we are fervently dedicated to shaping resilient fundraising programs for nonprofits. Centered on both acquiring and retaining donors, our unwavering objective is to elevate your fundraising initiatives, enabling you to secure increased funds, attract a broader donor base, and foster long-term giving relationships.


Integrated Marketing

Marketing services for green companies are centered around promoting environmentally sustainable products, practices, and initiatives. These services aim to communicate an organization's commitment to sustainability, vegan programs, and social causes which differentiate  offerings in the market, and inspire consumers and donours to make eco-conscious choices. 


Green Travel


Welcome to cozy Zo&Co Lakehouse! 
Nestled in the trees on top of a hill, enjoy breathtaking views of pristine Bob's Lake and the surrounding forest. Hold the handrail as you decent the steps to the water, where you can enjoy your morning coffee on the dock, or take a seat on the private sandy beach at the water's edge. You hear that right-- enjoy access to your own private, sandy beach!


  • In search of flavor! 🌱
  • Plant Based World

In search of flavor! 🌱



Follow Colombe and Zoli as they wander the globe for the most delicious plant-based food and cultural delights.
Travel the 🌎 and eat your 💙 out!


JUNE 20TH 2023

Escape to Palmaïa: Beaches, Serenity, and Exquisite Vegan Cuisine​​

If you’re looking for a luxurious, soul-filling escape in paradise, serving delicate and elegant plant-based bites, look no further than Palmaïa, The House of AïA.


By: Zoltan Lorantffy & Colombe Nadeau-O'Shea

Fundraising Campaign

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