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5 Ways to Humanize a Brand

Customers are humans. Humans want to trust, connect with, and relate to other humans. People don’t just want to see your business, they want to connect with the people, the stories, and the ideas behind your brand. Businesses can establish a deeper connection and understanding with its customers by making their brand more human. Here are five ways to humanize a brand.

1. Show Off Who is Behind the Work

Start from inside your company. Build a culture where they share their stories and support each other as a team. Show their amazing personalities and stories with your social media following, it will build trust between your brand and your followers.

2. Be Transparent

Focus on your customers and be empathetic. Who are your customers? What are their wants, needs, pain points, and things that inspire them to take action? Think about how you can start conversations with your followers about some of these things.

3. Show Your Identity

Speak your customers’ language. Choose the right tone to communicate with your customers and write with personality. This will make your writing more human and will bring people closer to your brand.

4. Tell Stories of When You Have Failed

Share your stories about overcoming a failure and what you learned from that experience. It doesn’t mean sharing all of your shortcomings, but it is human to admit mistakes and talk about how that journey made you a stronger brand.

5. Be Inspirational

Once you are close to your customers, show them that you truly care about them. Inspire them to do better, to chase their passions, and to tell their stories.

People don't want to have conversations with brands, they want to have conversations with other people. Brands can establish deeper connections with customers and tell their stories in more memorable ways by finding ways to make their brand more human. These five tips are a great starting point for any business to begin humanizing their brand.

Written by:

Erik Sheppard, Social Media Manager We-ReL8

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