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4 Marketing Do's and Don'ts

Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur at a young start-up company or a seasoned story- teller connecting people with brands, content marketing can sometimes seem like a black box of buzz words and abstract ideas. Coming up with great concepts for marketing campaigns is a difficult thing to do, especially for new marketers. Here are 4 “Do’s and Don’ts” to help you create more meaningful, creative, and effective marketing content.

1. DO Focus on the Quality of Your Work, DON’T Focus on the Quantity of Content You Create

Interact with your customers and focus on creating value for them. People want to have new, exciting, and interesting digital experiences. By presenting them with beautiful, visual, and meaningful content, consumers will find more value in fostering a relationship with your brand.

While it is important to post on social media often, don’t prioritize consistency at the expense of creating meaningful content. There is so much content out there, people are being hammered with branded messages throughout their virtual experiences. Prioritizing quality over quantity may mean that a brand reaches fewer people in the short term, but quality content will cut through all of the virtual noise, providing your brand the opportunity to tell meaningful stories and build stronger relationships with consumers.

2. DO Recognize Your Followers are HUMAN, DON’T Think of Your Followers as Numbers

No one wants to be thought of as being a data point, so why would you think about each one of your followers as a number on a screen? Customers are human and want to be thought of as such by the brands they engage with. Instead of focusing only on vanity metrics, try to find ways to humanize your brand.

3. DON’T Jump to Conclusions, DO the Research

It is easy for entrepreneurs and marketers alike to create ideas in a vacuum. Don’t make assumptions about what people want to see, want to feel, and want to experience. Make sure you use research and evidence in your creative process.

4. DO Find Inspiration In Other Campaigns but DON'TS Imitate Your Competitors

Marketing messages are around us all the time and it can be tempting to compare your work to that of other brands. Looking at other marketing campaigns for learning and inspiration is a vital piece of the creative process, but don’t feel like your brand needs to emulate every interesting concept you find on the internet.

In an age when consumers are bombarded with so many branded messages, ideating, creating, and publishing marketing content that resonates and creates meaningful connections with people is not an easy thing to do. These 4 “Do’s and Don’ts” shed light on some of the right ways for brands to tell their stories to consumers.

Written by:

Eric Sheppard, Social Media Manager


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